“G3′ Great New Product from Gem


‘G3’ is the latest new product from Gem, just as all of our other quality products ‘G3’ has under gone numerous field trials and we are now confident that this great new product will go on to help you keep your loft conducive to maintaining a great environment in order not only to maintain good health but enable you to get your pigeons in great condition for breeding and racing

What does it do?
G3 acts in the following way:
Acts as a very powerful drying up agent in the loft
It contains a broad spectrum disinfectant
It quickly reduces ammonia and other noxious gasses
It act quickly, killing most bacteria
It even works in contact with the bedding and waste
Do not be confused, this is not chalk with perfume!

Organisms must be killed in order to reduce disease!

Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protozoa 9worms, cocci etc)
The organisms which cause birds to scour are quickly killed by G3.
Secondary infections e.g. E-Coli and Salmonella, which strikes unwell birds are often killed by G3,
When G3 comes into contact with these bacteria in the environment it kills them rapidly and continues working from day to day.

Where to use it?
G3 can be used anywhere and everywhere, loft floors, nest boxes, deep litter, racing and training crates, and remember a little goes a long way

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Schroeder-Tollisan in Stock at PJ Lofts


In 2010 the entrepreneurs Dr. Vincent Schroeder (Schroeder Pigeon Products) and Johannes Jakobs (Tollisan) merged and they founded the veterinary practice and racing pigeon company Vet-Schroeder + Tollisan BV, Kerkrade (Netherlands).

The earlier practice of Dr. Schroeder in Bilzen (Belgium) additionally continued to operate.

Dr. Vincent Schroeder is from a family of racing pigeon breeders and successfully competes with his father at long distance races. In 1994 he began his studies at the University of Liege

L- R Johannes Jakobs & Dr. Vincent Schroeder


In 2000 he received his degree as a doctor of veterinary medicine. Subsequent to this he worked for a further two years in a laboratory for veterinary medicine, whereby he acquired important skills in dealing with various laboratory techniques in the fields of bacteriology and mycology. Today, these laboratory years are proving to be of great benefit in diagnosis.

In 2002 a cooperation started with veterinarian Dr. Peeters, Belgium. The cooperation lasted for four years and a wealth of knowledge in regard to racing pigeon care and racing pigeon medicine was learnt from the legendary Dr. Peeters.

In 2006 the move was made to self-employment and a racing pigeon practice opened in Bilzen (Belgium), which still today is tended to by Dr. V. Schroeder.

Johannes Jakobs also originates from a racing pigeon family. His grandfather raced pigeons to Budapest and his father also raced them to St. Pölten. Over the last 10 years Johannes Jakobs has built a reputation as one of the most prominent pigeon fanciers in Germany. Outstanding achievements in one of the largest regional associations in Germany, namely the Regional Association of Aachen-Land 415, have brought his name to the forefront.

By profession, Johannes Jakobs is a trained bank official. However, for some 15 years he was employed as a Sales Director in the pharmaceutical industry and, for several of those years, dealt with veterinarians. There is not a powder or liquide mixture unknown to him. In 2001, with the purchase of Tollisan, he took the path of self-employment within the racing pigeon sport. The distribution of Dosto-Oregano products and the PS Prange soup were further steps in the development of the brand name Tollisan.

All products were further improved in the last two years. Just good is not enough. Our aim is to constantly improve our products. The world never stands still, and neither will the Vet-Schroeder-Tollisan team. We strive to constantly improve every aspect of our actions in terms of our products, our customers and the racing pigeons.

The fact that we were able to take over the operation of Sedochol Plus from a world-wide leading company in the veterinary drug industry such as Merial, shows that we are on the right path.

DF 3000 by Dostofarm, o product for the disinfection of drinking water in the transportation unit, is described in-depth in the inner part of the brochure. For years, water hygiene in the transportation units has not been given sufficient attention.

Dosto-Oregano – Always ahead of the competition. Our new Dosto-Oregano liquid, case and powder products contain new, higher active ingredient concentrations due to additional essential oils for healthy air passages.

Due to the increase demand for probiotic, we have agreed with the market leader Dr. Brockamp to ditribute Probac 1000. With its formula based upon pigeon specific intestinal bacteria Probac 1000 is ideally suited to regenerate in intestinal flora after medication or ill health. 1gram of Probac 1000 contains over 1.5 billion bacteria endemic to the pigeon capable of colony establishment in the small intestine.

Our new product pH-Control contains both acetic acid and formic acid, natural inhibitors of pathogenic bacteria. Although similar products exist, the main difference to many similar products is pH-Control contains buffered acids so that they remain active in the intestinal tract.

Now in 2017 both companies Vet. Schroeder and Tollisan are totally merged so we decided to delete the divider in our Company name. We proudly present Vet SchroederTOLLISAN and we are ready to go with you into a successful future.

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Rhonfried at PJ Lofts


Pj Lofts now carry a comprehensiverange of Rhonfried products.

Established in1949 Röhnfried has developed and distributed a full range of specialised products for pigeons. Today we are honoured that worldwide international top breeders and racers successfully apply our Röhnfried product range. International Champions from the Netherlands and Belgium like Kees Bosua, Dirk van Dyck, Gaby Vandenabeele and Albert Derwa and Johny & Yves Jonckers all trust in our products. This shows that our professional health range is one of the a key factors towards success.

GMP Quality
The manufacture of our pharmaceutical products is subject to the same requirements as for human use. Our manufacturing meets the highest GMP standards of quality. Furthermore, our scientists and department of product development work very closely with Biological and Pharmaceutical Laboratories, as well as Clinics, Veterinarians, Universities and Health Services.

Our new innovations and discoveries are constantly optimizing our latest products. I myself am a Biologist and pigeon fancier (5th National Champion young birds 2011). I am personally responsible in creating the connection between science and pigeons. With my help and my qualifications I can release our products for sale in the safe knowledge that we have tested them successfully on our own pigeons.

Prevention is better than cure
To reduce infection naturally and strengthen the bodies own defences (Immunity), is our favoured solution to improve the natural health of pigeons. We also claim that we have managed to reduce drastically the necessity to use medicines. The following concepts are the result of our intensive development. With our long experience and knowledge in association with new findings, we are confident that our products help to keep pigeons in excellent health and maintain top form. This equals success.

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