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OSMONDS ENVIROBOOST (Enviroklenze) has been used successfully by thousands of Fanciers over the Years.

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Enviroboost is an all natural product containing a blend of specific organic acids that help kill most of the disease producing organisms that are spread through the drinking water and in the air.
E.g. Salmonella, E.Coli, Pigeon Pox Virus, Paramyxo Virus, Canker, Cocci, Young Bird, Trichomoniasis, Pneumonia and other disease carrying agents
Enviroclenz also helps prevent build up of slime and algae in drinkers and baths.
Will also help remove Down on Pigeons
Clean out Drinkers and dilute 5ml ENVIROBOOST in 5 litres of clean drinking water two days a week.
Routine usage: 10ml to 2 gallons drinking water or bath water daily.
Outbreak Usage: 20ml to 1 gallon drinking water for 5 days.
For spraying lofts: 20ml to 1 gallon, spray with knapsack/garden sprayer.

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