Pronafit/Winner Smoke Bombs


Pro-Smoke offers a twofold improving effect to the health of pigeons:
– It fights against all kind of parasites like little moths, or gnats, mite, lice etc , by means of a so-called “Smoke-bath”.
– it provides a positive effect by cleaning the nostrils and the bronchial tubes and helps to avoid related problems, such as cold, sinusitis, bronchitis and dry and wet mucus.
– Pigeons can easily and safely withstand the “Smoke-bath” treatment in their habitat (lofts) and will regain their natural vitality and fitness, which will noticeable improve their health and performances.
1 Pellet will cover a room of approx. 75 m3.

– 100% Natural product; contains herbs and essential oils.

– Put the Pro-Smoke pellet on a stone, tile or terra-cotta bowl before igniting, to avoid burning or scorch marks due to contact with combustible floor panels or wooden carrying materials

– Keep the igniting flame source as long in contact with the block until the burning is self continuing.

– Domnot touch the remaining, after extinguishing , for al least 15 minutes to be sure of safe disposal.

Tube of 3 pieces

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Pigeon smoke bombs fight parasites such as moths, gnats, lice etc in the loft.

You can leave the birds in the loft to bathe in the smoke – this provides a positive cleaning effect on the nostrils and bronchial tubes, helping to avoid related problems such as cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, dry and wet mucus.

Made from only natural herbs and is completely safe to use with the birds in the loft.

Each pack contains 3 smoke bombs/pellets.


One Tub, Three Tubs