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  • 1000ml
  • Digestion
  • Rearing
  • Moult

Original Sedochol Plus from Merial for pigeons

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Original SEDOCHOL PLUS from Merial for racing pigeons
Our Vision – your future

Merial is one of the leading companies worldwide in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. The vision of Merial is to provide products and promote health and performance in animals.

The previous product SEDOCHOL needed to be adapted due to amendments in the Animal Nutrition Law. This change in composition requires a little more time, even in the case of a leading company in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Our demands on ourself, together with the high quality we are committed to, leave no room for anything but perfection.

Good is not enough. Constant improvement is what Merial strives for, and it is against this
background that the new SEDOCHOL PLUS has been developed, a product specially for
racing pigeons.

Merial has noticed, not without surprise, that a number of plagiarised products are meanwhile in circulation. SEDOCHOL is a copyright brand name of Merial and copies on the market are not tolerated.
Vet-Schroeder-Tollisan B.V. will be responsible for the distribution of SEDOCHOL PLUS. Perseverance and communication have been the key to our success in terms of this partnership.

The new SEDOCHOL PLUS is a product that can be used during moulting, races and breeding. A number of top Dutch and Belgian breeders were SEDOCHOL users, but in Germany, too, a few breeders added SEDOCHOL to the water of their pigeons for purposes of regeneration after a flight.

Why Plus? The tried and tested composition (methionine + choline) has been supplemented with vitamin B12 and vitamin B2. An additional Plus for your pigeons.

How to Use: The application is recommended for high production or great tension in the increase of racing performance, during competitions or during the moulting. Notes for the trip, moulting, rearing: Use = 10ml per liter of drinking water per day. The solution must be renewed daily. Ingredients Composition: Sorbitol 70% * – Sorbitol (E420): 546g / l, Sodium chloride and magnesium sulfate, Water q.s. * = Non-crystallizable liquid, i.e. D-glucitol: 468g. Additives: (Vitamins, provitamins), vitamin B12 – cyanocobalamin: 20mg / l (vitamins, provitamins), vitamin B2 – riboflavin-5′- DL-methionine – Methionine: 10g / l (amino acids, their salts and analogues), sorbic acid (E200) and citric acid (E330) (preservatives) Analytical components: Crude protein 4.6%, crude oils and fats 0.14%, raw ash 0.2%, crude fiber 0.5%, moisture 45%, sodium 0.03%, magnesium 0.01%, sulfur 0.2%, lysine 0%, methionine 0.83%