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Taubengold contains a high content of sulphur, amino acids, methionine and choline, which in turn provide high class silky feathering. Taubengold also includes calcium and trace elements which are important for the moult and choline important for protecting the liver.

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Feeding Recommendations:
During the moult add 20ml of Taubengold per 1 litre of drinking water or 750g of feed.
(4 cupscrew Taubengold = 20 ml)
It is recommended to use Taubengold throughout the entire moulting period.

Tip: For the feeding with feed begin mixing for several hours before feeding, then Taubengold infiltrate well into the feed. The administration of Taubengold is strongly recommended during the entire moulting period, as it is supported by the sulfur-containing methionine, especially good for Featherculture. During upringing period a regular additional of Taubengold = 5-10 ml per litre of water is sufficient.