PJ Lofts have been serving the fancy for over thirty years

A Family Bussiness

Few people are better known in the sport of pigeon racing than Paul and Jayne Newbold the husband and wife partnership in PJ Lofts. They are present at almost every major event, wherever it is held in the country.

And that has been the case over almost 30 years.

Paul, whose football ambitions were shattered by a bad injury at the time he was attracting interest from top clubs, turned his passion for pigeon racing first into a stud, and then, with the help of Jayne when they married, expanded into supplying corn and accessories.

All this was in Leicester, but the big expansion came with the bold move to rural Lincolnshire at Fen Bank, Friskney, where the stud has expanded and the stock of everything needed by fanciers has soared.

Paul still finds time to compete successfully with his birds, at national and local level, and his knowledge as a fancier is a big asset to customers seeking advice.

Paul and Jayne take their goods around the country to the various major shows, and support the sport endlessly through sponsorship. It is difficult to imagine anyone else putting more back into the sport.

Paul contributes in the administrative side of pigeon racing, and keeps his stud up to date by securing birds from popular modern families, as well as staying loyal to some of the older breeds that have served him and his customers so well.

Winners from PJ Lofts are reported from all over the country, and it has always been a policy to keep prices within the reach of the ordinary working fancier.

They have operated a mail order service for a long time, and now this website is a move to take their vast stock into your home and help fanciers research needs at their leisure.

But still the benefit of Paul and Jayne’s vast experience is only a call away.

George Wheatman