Harker Mitex

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Harkermitex is specifically formulated and eradicates red mite

Single application with rapid control of infestation

Highly effective against red mite in pigeon lofts which are notorisly difficult to treat

Active protection for 12 weeks

Active ingredient is Cypermthrin whish is safe for use with pigeons in situ.

Insecticide for amateur use against red mite and northern mite by application to interior surfaces of pigeon lofts.
Not to be used to treat mites on birds.

Dilute 1 part product to 66 parts water, equivalent to mixing 15ml product to 1 litre water (i.e. dilute the entire contents of the bottle with 9 litres of water). With a brush or spray apparatus, apply 500ml of diluted product per square metre of surface. Apply to all interior surfaces of pigeon loft with particular attention to cracks and crevices.

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