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Schroeder-Tollisan in Stock at PJ Lofts

In 2010 the entrepreneurs Dr. Vincent Schroeder (Schroeder Pigeon Products) and Johannes Jakobs (Tollisan) merged and they founded the veterinary practice and racing pigeon company Vet-Schroeder + Tollisan BV, Kerkrade (Netherlands). The earlier practice of Dr. Schroeder in Bilzen (Belgium) additionally continued to operate. Dr. Vincent Schroeder is from a family of racing pigeon breeders […]

Rhonfried at PJ Lofts

Pj Lofts now carry a comprehensiverange of Rhonfried products. Established in1949 Röhnfried has developed and distributed a full range of specialised products for pigeons. Today we are honoured that worldwide international top breeders and racers successfully apply our Röhnfried product range. International Champions from the Netherlands and Belgium like Kees Bosua, Dirk van Dyck, Gaby […]