“G3′ Great New Product from Gem

‘G3’ is the latest new product from Gem, just as all of our other quality products ‘G3’ has under gone numerous field trials and we are now confident that this great new product will go on to help you keep your loft conducive to maintaining a great environment in order not only to maintain good health but enable you to get your pigeons in great condition for breeding and racing

What does it do?
G3 acts in the following way:
Acts as a very powerful drying up agent in the loft
It contains a broad spectrum disinfectant
It quickly reduces ammonia and other noxious gasses
It act quickly, killing most bacteria
It even works in contact with the bedding and waste
Do not be confused, this is not chalk with perfume!

Organisms must be killed in order to reduce disease!

Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protozoa 9worms, cocci etc)
The organisms which cause birds to scour are quickly killed by G3.
Secondary infections e.g. E-Coli and Salmonella, which strikes unwell birds are often killed by G3,
When G3 comes into contact with these bacteria in the environment it kills them rapidly and continues working from day to day.

Where to use it?
G3 can be used anywhere and everywhere, loft floors, nest boxes, deep litter, racing and training crates, and remember a little goes a long way

You can collect from our shop only £12.50 for 5Kg or order online here, why not get together with your club mates and save ££££££’s