Rhonfried at PJ Lofts

Pj Lofts now carry a comprehensiverange of Rhonfried products.

Established in1949 Röhnfried has developed and distributed a full range of specialised products for pigeons. Today we are honoured that worldwide international top breeders and racers successfully apply our Röhnfried product range. International Champions from the Netherlands and Belgium like Kees Bosua, Dirk van Dyck, Gaby Vandenabeele and Albert Derwa and Johny & Yves Jonckers all trust in our products. This shows that our professional health range is one of the a key factors towards success.

GMP Quality
The manufacture of our pharmaceutical products is subject to the same requirements as for human use. Our manufacturing meets the highest GMP standards of quality. Furthermore, our scientists and department of product development work very closely with Biological and Pharmaceutical Laboratories, as well as Clinics, Veterinarians, Universities and Health Services.

Our new innovations and discoveries are constantly optimizing our latest products. I myself am a Biologist and pigeon fancier (5th National Champion young birds 2011). I am personally responsible in creating the connection between science and pigeons. With my help and my qualifications I can release our products for sale in the safe knowledge that we have tested them successfully on our own pigeons.

Prevention is better than cure
To reduce infection naturally and strengthen the bodies own defences (Immunity), is our favoured solution to improve the natural health of pigeons. We also claim that we have managed to reduce drastically the necessity to use medicines. The following concepts are the result of our intensive development. With our long experience and knowledge in association with new findings, we are confident that our products help to keep pigeons in excellent health and maintain top form. This equals success.

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